is the only espresso coffee machine that can be customised in over 100 different configurations. The only standard is the professional espresso coffee extraction quality. Our butterfly is almost a chameleon

Standard characteristics

  • Semi-automatic lever-operated or manual button controlled dosage groups or with four programmable shots with soft touch buttons in the automatic version
  • Mechanical pre-infusion system
  • Internal tank that means it does not necessarily have to be connected to the water mains
  • One chrome-finish steam wand with manual progressive control and cool fingers protective rubber grip
  • One hot water dispenser (tea)
  • Painted metal body in three standard colours: black, burgundy, aluminium
  • Enhanced energy efficiency thanks to the insulated boiler that minimises heat dispersion, extending the durability of internal components most subject to wear
  • Protections on water and electrical circuits via safety, vacuum release and expansion valves
  • Temperature control with thermosiphon circuits
  • Automatic boiler water level and tank water level control
  • Internal vibration pump



  • Other colours are available upon request
  • Full stainless steel or technopolymer body (RIM) painted in three standard colours: black, burgundy, aluminium
  • 100% compatible with ESE pods and FAP caplsules
  • Base with stainless steel dregs drawer (size 29x45x10cm)
  • Heating element boosted to 1800 Watts
  • Electronic temperature control (PID)