Citrus fruit squeezer

  Citrus fruit squeezer with standard cone for oranges, lemons and grapefruit. Painted, light alloy structure. 1400 rev. 220-240V ~50Hz 300W (lever version 340W). Standard colours_ Grey (S1 and S1-Stainless steel), Aluminium and Red Bordeaux (S1-Lever). Switch control and pressure on-off.




S1 Citrus Fruit Squeezer
Plastic containter suitable for contact with food
S1 -Inox Stainless Steel Citrus Fruit Squeezer
Stainless Steel Container
S1 -Leva Level Citrus-Fruit Squeezer
Lever citrus-Fruit squeezer with stainless steel
squeezing mechanism
Motor 1400 rpm, Single-size squeezing element for orange, lemons, grapefrui